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little peru Green Start
Sustainability and Community Wealth Building

In late 2022 we were fortunate enough to secure grant funding from Ayrshire Rural and Islands Ambitions Fund towards developing our fledgling business and establish ourselves as a eco-conscious and socially-conscious start up. We have used our funding towards a number of investments set to future proof our business, reduce our carbon footprint towards zero and provide wider benefits for the community around us. Without the assistance and belief from ARIA our vision and founding principles may never have been realised when starting our business. 


Renewable Energy


One of the first goals for the project was for an off-grid, renewable energy solution. A solar panel array sized at 3kW, paired with a 5.5kW battery ensures that all electrical needs from little peru are generated by clean, renewable energy.

The panels are in a perfect unobstructed, south-facing site. Beyond powering the glamping pods, they also power the AED Defib point and EV Charge Station. 


Green Transport

Electrical vehicles are the future, and vehicle technology and range continues to improve. We wanted to provide a charge point for each of our eco-pods so guests have the convenience of charging their vehicle on site and journeys to and from little peru cause minimal environmental impact.

Each of the two points are metered for accurate readings and charged at an affordable rate while your vehicle charges up beside your pod.



Alpacas As Therapets

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-29 at 13.22.27 (2).jpeg

Our alpaca herd are the stars of little peru! We carefully sourced our boys from one of the UK's most highly regarded alpaca breeding farms. Beyond being ridiculously cute, alpacas are proven therapy pets to young and old. Their gentle and inquisitive nature mean we can share the joy they bring us with others.

We have plans to visit care homes, ASN groups, schools and nurseries regularly to share the therapy benefits of being around the alpacas!   


AED Defib Point

We decided early on due to our rural location it would be wise to install a defib point to benefit our customers and the wider community. The nearest AED to us was 5km away so we chose to invest in something which hopefully will never be needed but could one day save a life. 

Less than 1 in 10 people in the UK survive an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Two big factors that play a part in this are:

  1. there aren’t enough people prepared to perform CPR when someone has a cardiac arrest

  2. there aren’t enough defibrillators.    (source: British Heart Foundation)



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